Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Get This Album!

The best compliment I can give Big Boi's Sir Lucious Left Foot is that it totally holds it's own even in the long shadow of the Outkast discography, and even in the complete absence of Andre 3000. (Although a couple of songs featuring Andre have leaked separately from the album, and are also very awesome.

As an added bonus, listen through to the end of this great new song, and be treated to a description of the most avant garde sex move since Soulja Boy introduced us to the superman.


Eric said...

Visiting for the first time in ages-- I was traveling anyway but I had all but given up on the ol' blog. I write now to heartily concur with Q -- this album is great!

drischord said...

I'm impressed and might have to get this.

Dumb question alert: Is Outkast done?

Quinapalus said...

Big Boi claims that another Outkast album is in the works...and actually, those tracks with Andre 3000 on them were apparently supposed to be on this album, but the label wouldn't allow them for some complicated and infuriating set of reasons.

drischord said...

Yeah, since posting that question I've learned about some of the details. Seems like another case of paleolithic strategy on the part of a record label.