Thursday, November 20, 2008


Not to derail my GN'R enthusiasm, but.....
At Via Chicago's request - here is a little taste of the latest Deerhoof album. I fully admit that these guys are an acquired taste, but once you see them live you'll really get it.
The biggest obstacle for most people are the strange vocals and the music school eccentricities (i'm looking at you, Drischord).
Most of all, Deefhoof play the shit out of their instruments. And they write great, hooky, surprising hard rock songs.
Here are two of my favorite cuts from the newest record, though their best record is definitely The Runners Four, wherein they finally outgrew weirdness for weirdness sake embraced pop song structure (for the most part).
The Tears And Music Of Love
Chandelier Searchlight

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drischord said...

Definitely look at me. I love this record. Got it on eMusic, for all you haters out there...