Tuesday, September 09, 2008

So... Metallica?

Alright, so there's a new Metallica album out, and there's a very good chance this post will fall on completely deaf ears, but as an ex-Metallica fan who still loves their first 4 albums (and, grudgingly, The Black Album), puts cuts from S&M on my mixes all the time, and laments the pathetic shell of the band that now exists, I feel compelled to check it out.

So I've heard two songs from the new album and they're not at all bad. In particular, here's "The Day That Never Comes". It's long (8 minutes) and the first half is like an above average song from Load, but the back half is pretty impressive. If you have any interest in seeing how Metallica is doing as a band these days (and I fully realize you may not) then check this out:

Hetfield's singing sucks, but am I wrong for thinking this is kind of good? Certainly better then St. Anger, that's for sure. I do find the video a kind of fascinating snapshot of how the band has traveled - I mean, cotrast this to the video for One (which I assume you've seen). One: Super dark, depressing, and quite creepy take on war. This: A sort of feel good piece about how, despite being attacked and in constant danger, American soldiers sure are helpful!


Quinapalus said...

Hey, you know what? Love IS a four letter word! Creepy...

Well, that did rock out nicely in the last 2 minutes, and it's certainly better than Kid Rock's Iraq song that they're playing as a National Guard commercial in movie theaters.

Any of you guys seen Generation Kill, the HBO miniseries about Iraq from the creators of The Wire? I saw the first episode over the summer and wasn't particularly impressed, but I recently happened to see the second episode and actually found it pretty interesting. Just curious if any of you had seen it and liked it.

texplush said...

video is gone.
i AM interested! but apparently not enough to check this out on my own.