Saturday, June 07, 2008


I just got an update from the Waylon Jennings website newsletter, and I thought it was worth posting.
A couple years back I ordered multiple Waylon Jennings bumper stickers, for a reason that I will not bother to recount at this time, and since then I have received a few of these newsletters. Until tonight I have never given them any attention, but something about this one caught my eye and I have now reread it several times, each time with much enjoyment.
Enjoy -

HooooAhhhhh Waylon Army!
At long last we will be launching the redesigned website late Sunday night. The new will feature music to listen to, videos to watch, and the center of it all will be the waylonpedia section. This section will be enhanced and improved by each and every one of you. I'm going to enlist few experts to really get this thing going.... like Jeff, Howard and Jim to name a few. If you 3 guys would phone me on the waylon phone that would be awesome. Anyway, we'll have a brand new blog/forum and hopefully and place that will grow in space and grow into the world's foremost knowledge base of all things waylon. That means the center of the stinkin musical universe. I'm hoping it will include how he changed the music industry, stories of his incredible personal and musical integrity and some dang good music. The polos and the denim shirts and a brand new 'prison tattoo' t-shirt will be available. I'll be able to offer all kinds of special sales, lower shipping, tracking info emails etc. etc. I hope it works.

In the meantime, if things go to hell in a hand basket, I have parked the current design of onto That site will be there for a short time with everything except e-commerce. The current forum will still be there just in case. I don't totally trust technology quite yet. Look for a sister site at based on the greatest friendship in musical history. I'm looking to launch that one in September -- but I am an optimist.

Anyway, please be patient and check out on Monday morning bright and early to see if I look like a fool. We will be keeping the same phone number for now...240-285-2700 but our new email contact will

Thanks for your patience... I think it's going to be really cool as this thing progresses.


cya Monday


ps -- type in WGJ to save %20 for the next 18 hours or so on the old site!

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Quinapalus said...

I love that they have a "Waylon phone".

Waylon does F'in rule, even if he was apparently a friend of the Reagan White House.

You guys remember his cameo in Follow That Bird? Classic stuff.